Woollahra Mirrors in Sydney Harbor
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The old and the new year – Worlds in South Africa

2014 is now history, having started with fun and excitement in Australia, where the Woollahra Sailing Club hosted the national championships in Sydney in marvellous conditions. It was also the year of the European championships and finished off with the African championships at the Theewater Sports Club, Villiersdorp, South Africa.
2015 is now lifting off with the World championship regattas which are being held at the same venue as the African championships. This goes to show that there is always action in our class since it is equally at home in both hemispheres.

Africa-championships in South Africa
Ideal sailing conditions during the African championships

Photo copyright by Neville Sharwood – there are event albums on the World championships' home page

It is worth pointing out that national or "continent" championships are normally "open" events, allowing "outsiders" to compete. Frequently such events are held one immediately after the other, so that those who have travelled a long way have the opportunity to get to know local conditions and "warm up" for the major event.

But this "openness" is not the only outstanding characteristic of the class: in contrast to most ISAF-recognized international dinghy classes, you will see old and young, female and male sailors in all combinations as crews in competition in the same regattas. This emphasizes the fact that we are living up to the original concept that the Mirror was intended to be a family boat.

On Facebook, the group called "People who love Mirror sailing dinghys" has developed into a meeting place for those who regard their boat as being more of a cruising and general-purpose dinghy for the family. A surprising number of quite old boats with 30 or more years under their keels have been reported there.

It would of course be wonderful if we could turn into a more multilingual site as well, in order to really fit our global image. Of course English has become a lingua franca of sorts and the Mirror is rooted in the English-speaking world, but if some of your friends in Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands or elsewhere are prepared to put up a message here, please let me know and we may be able to at least make the front page multilingual. For me, as a translator, it is a busman's holiday but I'll continue updating the German version of the front page, at least.

We wish all Mirrorists health and a wonderful sailing year 2015 !

Pete & Gernot


Photo (c) 2014 Neville Sharwood
Page updated 04 January 2015