Woollahra Mirrors in Sydney Harbor
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The Mirror Dinghy Discussion Forum

A global community

The forum has shown that Mirror enthusiasts – I call them Mirrorists (Italian i Mirroristi ) – all around the World enjoy access to a loosely-knit community of sailors in order to share ideas, know-how and experiences. Some of us (like myself) because we are isolated from the class at large, others because they are more interested in the dinghy as a wandering/cruising, family and knockabout boat rather than a racing machine and yet others simply out of curiosity, I suppose.
The year started with fun in Australia, the national championships were held in Sydney, hosted by the Woollahra Sailing Club with 37 boats competing in brilliant weather.

Aus nationals 2013/14

Photo copyright by Rob Cruse - for the whole album see Rob's gallery site

It would of course be wonderful if we could turn into a multilingual site as well, in order to really fit our global image. Of course English has become a lingua franca of sorts and the Mirror is rooted in the English-speaking world, but if some of your friends in Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands or elsewhere are prepared to put up a message here, please let me know and we may be able to at least make the front page multilingual. For me, as a translator, it is a busman's holiday but I'll give it a try by adding a German version.

Happy sailing!

Gernot H.


Photo (c) 2014 Rob Cruse
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